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Wild Boar Pate 400g


Wild Boar Pate


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Wild Boar Pate 400g 

Slice it – Dice it – Cube it – Cut it – Stuff it – Spread it – Sprinkle it

Dogs of any age can enjoy our luxury Wild Boar Pate, which is nutritious and free of artificial additives. It is suitable for puppies, older dogs, and those who have difficulty handling harder treats.

The pate makes an excellent training treat, can be used as a filler in toys, spread on lick mats, or to hid those tablets.

  • Can be frozen
  • Low fat content: only 11.3% makes it a perfect low fat treat.
  • soft treat that is suitable for all dogs


Check out Lickimat range or root chews are the perfect to spread you pate over, along with some of our sprinkle food toppers and peanut butter, we also have complete enrichment bundles.

Enrichment & Supplements

Root Chew Enrichment Starter Bundle

Lickimat Wobble Enrichment Starter Bundle


94% wild boar, 4% rice, 1% seaweed, 1% vitamins and minerals

Constituents (per 100g)

Crude protein 17.9%, Crude oils and fats 10.1%, Crude ash 3.1 %, Crude fiber  0.6%, Moisture 62.2%


We always advise that dogs are supervised while eating treats and always have access to fresh water. Suitable for all sizes of dog over 20 weeks old.

Not for human consumption.


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